I just read a wonderful article on the Death and Rebirth of Self from Daily OM.  

Here is the first sentence…” Sometimes a part of us must die before another part can come to life.”

The article goes on to explain that this is so in all of nature.  As we go from birth to death, we go through many phases that we must let go of certain phases in order to transition to the next phase and grow healthfully.  Just like a flower that has many blooms. We are told to pluck off the old bloom so that the flower puts its energy into the new bloom and THEN that NEW bloom flourishes.

This is true when one is pursuing a new relationship with food, the body and the self.  We must let go of our past relationship with food, the food we used to placate or numb our feelings.  That food is REALLY JUST FOR ENERGY TO FUEL OUR BODIES.  WE MUST LET THE RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD DIE AND We MUST FEEL THE FEELINGS TO BE WHO WE REALLY ARE AND THEN, AND ONLY THEN CAN ONE FLOURISH AS A TRUE AND AUTHENTIC HUMAN BEING.

Write a letter to food telling how it was such a good friend, how it served you so well, how it protected you (or so you thought) through thick and thin, how it comforted you, how it was there for you when you really needed it but now it is time for food to be put to rest.  It is time for you to step up to yourself, your Authentic self. Let the food die, let it go from your toolbox and let yourself feel the feelings that you are having and using the food to “fix”.  You will not die from having these feelings.  AND THEY WILL GO AWAY.  THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  You will find you have been reborn to yourself.

I would love to hear from you.  Please comment or feel free to ask questions.  Do you have a different approach?  I want to know about it..

Passionately, Sally