Someone once said that frustration is the daughter of EXPECTATIONS.

OK, now what do I do with that?  Well the ONLY thing you can do with that is to feel the frustration through to the end until you stop feeling it



Now, how does one change an expectation you ask?  First one must notice that one has an expectation.  Or admit you have an expectation and then decide to 


Then you could ask yourself, why am I expecting this? 

 Well this morning I felt a tremendous amount of frustration around getting my coaching business off the ground and someone had agreed to help me out.  Well she just wasn’t doing everything she said she would do.  And I realized that what she WASN’T DOING was somehow reflecting back on me and then I realized that NO IT WASN’T.  I WAS AND AM DOING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO GET THIS BUSINESS OFF THE GROUND AND THE REST IS UP TO THE DIVINE. 

I declare now that I am trusting the Divine to guide me forward AND the bring those customers in the door.  What I can do is expect that the Divine will be there for me in DIVINE TIMING and that is all I can expect.  

OK, now I am ready to start the day with the peace of mind that ALL OF MY LIFE IS IN DIVINE ORDER. 

I would love to hear from you.  Please comment or feel free to ask questions.  Do you have a different approach?  I want to know about it..



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