I just got a puppy.

Now let’s be clear. I totally believe in adopting pets because there are sooooo many pets in need out there in the world who need forever homes.  I have adopted and fostered and adopted my last three dogs and I loved them totally.  But I lost all three dogs within a two-year period and the grief was so much to bear. I grieved all of them for months after they passed and even though I believe they are right there with me in spirit any time I conjure them up, it is difficult to love on air!!!

So, I decided, yes at 67 years old, that I wanted to buy a puppy so that is what I did.  I vetted the parent’s health (even though there is never really any guarantee) and got JJ.  I named him JJ from my last GSP, Jack.  So, JJ is JackJr.

Today, I was looking for my barn slippers (I have a pair of “barn slippers” for dirty jobs.)  JJ has been chewing on them and I am happy he can make use of them.  I looked everywhere, under the bed, outside in the yard, in the garage, wherever he has been with them! Well, no luck.  I finally put on 1 slipper and 1 old shoe (yup he has been chewing on the other one of those too) and did what I needed to do.  (Now mind you, I did not go out in public like this!)

The point is 

When life hands u lemons, just make lemonade!!

What could you make into lemonade today???

I would love to hear from you.  Please comment or feel free to ask questions.  Do you have a different approach?  I would love to know about it..