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” If Knowledge is power, 

Self-knowledge is self-empowerment.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Why SourceTapping®?

SourceTapping® is an integrated form of EFT that:

  • uses a script to be more user friendly,
  • has been around since 1998,
  • gives deep and long lasting results
  • can heal the elusive 
  • works on all levels: mind, body, spirit


SourceTapping® is a partnership between you and your higher power facilitated by a SourceTapping practitioner.

This unique experince allows you to tap into your Source, shift thoughts, balance emotions and anchor the healing.

Learn more about Meryl Hershey Beck and SourceTapping®

Program Dates 2020 coming soon

I have a successful teaching and mentoring program using Zoom or phone for teaching women HOW to have a healthy relationship with themselves and their bodies without dieting (the weight loss is a by-product). I tailor my teaching to the individual and I do private and group sessions with Zoom. I am currently working on instructional video packages one can purchase to work the program themselves. You can work with me in person at The Equine Sanctuary in Parker Colorado or The Sunny Horse Foundation in Broomfield, Colorado or by phone or Zoom.


Weight No Longer online program

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Weight No Longer online program plus Equine support

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Not sure if this is the right program for you?

I am accepting my eating disorder better now and know I can live a happy life in spite of it without thinking about food all the time.    Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol seemed so much easier because dealing with the food is an everyday challenge.   Sally has helped me come to terms with food and enabled me to master “clean” eating.   Thank you and Yippee! 

Roberta A


Lemons to Lemonade

I just got a puppy. Now let’s be clear. I totally believe in adopting pets because there are sooooo many pets in need out there in the world who need forever homes.  I have adopted and fostered and adopted my last three dogs and I loved them totally.  But I lost all...


Someone once said that frustration is the daughter of EXPECTATIONS. OK, now what do I do with that?  Well the ONLY thing you can do with that is to feel the frustration through to the end until you stop feeling it OR CHANGE YOUR EXPECTATION.   Now, how does one change...

Feeling Your Feelings

THE ABSOLUTE TOUGHEST PART ABOUT LIVING LIKE A “NATURALLY THIN” PERSON IS        H A V I N G   Y O U R   F E E L I N G S. Damn, that is absolutely the toughest, most challenging, most maddening, frustrating, defeating, crushing, angering, irritating, annoying,...