Women’s Wellness Whisperer

A Safe and Sacred program of Grace
for women who want a new relationship with food, their bodies and themselves.

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Join me on “the Ride”-let’s get this thing handled once and for all so you can move on with your life. I am waiting for you on the inside.”

Sally Sarah



Tapping ®

SourceTapping® is an energy psychology technique that involves tapping on acupressure points to release physical and emotional pain.

Horses and Tapping

Equine sessions along with SourceTapping is an excellent way to deepen and quicken the healing experience.


Wait•Weight•NO Longer

A 6 week online program to jumpstart your journey. This supportive and community active healing program that can be done locally with equine sessions or just long distance.

Sally Sarah,

certified Source Tapping® Practitioner

Are you

  • Stuffing yourself while feeling empty and alone?
  • Hating yourself for being out of control with food?
  • Angry that you have too little willpower?
  • Mortified about the quantity you can consume?
  • Eating whether you are hungry or not?

Are you ready for:

√ a new relationship with your body

√ a new relationship with food

√ a new relationship with YOU!

I Have Experience With…

Personal and Professional Experience

  • No Dieting/Why Diets don’t work
  • No Calorie Counting
  • No Diet Pills/Drastic Exercise
  • Learn to eat like a “NATURALLY THIN PERSON.”
  • Learn what “Drives you to eat”
  • Learn to release anxieties
  • Increase your feeling of wellbeing
  • Tools that work for YOU.

Apps to help you on “The Ride”

Sally holds a sacred space with an immense heart.  She is patient, kind and loving with her clients and you cannot help but feel safe to her guide you on your journey.  I got in touch with feelings I never knew I had.

Debra M.

My Approach

This program is patterned after one that has worked for thousands of people.  I now offered it for women only, in person or on Zoom, with or without the “healing horses” with one very important added component.

End self-sabotage

Learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable

Attend parties without fear of binging

Learn to listen to what your body wants to eat

Learn ways to clean up other areas of your life

Make peace with your pain

Learn tools to cope with your feelings

Learn EFT, a safe and gentle way to explore your emotions